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My intent in painting life is to convey emotion through a visual metaphor.

I believe that one transposes oneself through feeling the core of intense emotion. Painting the nude is a very complicated and intense act. For me it is filled with moments of give and take through connection and alienation. I look to certain Masters before me, not to copy, but for inspiration and character throughout their lifetime.

In the current times we live in it is not as accepting of the human figure as something beautiful but more so as something feared. My purpose is to bring forth beauty as well as reality of life itself. I am working with deep personal conviction to go beyond just technical elements to a place of timelessness and universality. I paint to reach these moments of profound truth. Painting is not an end in itself but a means of trying to reach a fundamental Human Truth.

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View Dianne's original oil paintings and charcoal drawings.
Dianne Corbeau's original artwork. This online gallery contains oil paintings as well a charcoal drawings.